Tutorial Aras Innovator : Foreign Properties

Posted on December 23, 2013

Last week I was working on Aras Innovator to build a presentation adapting the solution to our customer’s need. And I came to use Foreign properties and thought that it would be nice to show in a tutorial as it was very easy and quick to do. The aim of foreign properties is to show in a form properties that are belonging to another itemtypes connected through the itemtype property relationships. As shown in the following drawing, The project is pointing on a customer (relationship n to 1) using a property based relationship. On the project form, usually, what appears is the keyed name of the customer (in the tutorial it is equal to the name). But you sometimes want to add some elements either to show them in a form or to make queries based on these items without having encapsulated queries.


The tutorial

So here is the quick tutorial. Let me know if you have other small topics of interest.

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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