ACE Europe 2013 – Day 1

Posted on October 30, 2013

The first day of ACE Europe is over and it was full of interesting discussions. A mix of technical discussion to start with followed by real life example of implementation in the afternoon. I’ll try to sum up.

Partner’s tech meeting

I won’t go into details regarding the tech meeting. It’s not a closed meeting as we could see some customers attending the meeting. It’s just that it is technical and you may need to be familiar already with the Aras technology to understand it. The interesting things is all the aspects of the actual developments. Many topics are on the table these days. Aras is hiring, and we encourage any good ressource to join Aras because there are really nice features or solution that needs to be developped and Aras is a good environnement to work at.

Here are some of my notes :

  • we started with a presentation roundtable (note: there is a good mix of customers and integrators)
  • an MRO module is planned for long term strategy (to answer multi-BOMs management)
  • 3 potential strategies to build an MBOM
    • manually
    • through the Process planner
    •  transactionnal
      • part of the manufacturing module
  • effectivity project (mid-term, will come after the manufacturing moodule)
  • issue of transporting languages between instances (nothing planned for now)
  • sequence for manuf & maintenance = Manufacturing -> Effectivity -> MRO
  • cannot use teams with workflows today
  • Report designer (2nd tab in reports) is taken out of the solution.

Welcome & Updates

The official conference started with some updates from the company by Martin Alleman.

Guest Keynote

An interesting presentation was made by Ton Zijlstra. Here are the slides.

Peter’s speech: The Future of PLM

Peter’s speech are always interesting. You can always get pretty much the same enthusiasm from his speech but at the same time you can see an evolution and I feel like now Aras has set a real position on the PLM market which they didn’t have 3 years ago when I attended my first ACE event. To me this speech is the best sells speech you can get from Aras. There’s no lie, no fake sales speech and it’s mainly based on experienced. Peter has been for 25 years in the PLM industry and by listening to him you can understand that Aras has benefited a lot from this experience.

Implementing successfull transformationnal change

The last presentation was made byDavid Sherburne from Carestream Health. David is used to come and present his PLM journey with Aras Innovator. The slides had quite a lot of content so I’ll wait for the slides to be published and I’ll update this post.

This presentation was followed by 3 different smaller presentations. I’ve chosen to attend the presentation of Alessi PLM Project to replace a legacy system containing PDM & CAD by Aras keeping the CAD.

Sorry I’ve been a little late to publish this post. I think the day2 report will be published tonight, once back in Paris !


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