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Posted on October 28, 2013

I’m just getting ready to take a flight for Frankfurt in order to attend ACE Europe 2013 ! The last ACE (Aras Community Event) I attended was the one we organized in Copenhagen last year covering the northern Europe. This time the event has been organized by Aras Corporation. I wasn’t at ACE in Detroit last may as I had some other meetings in San Francisco at the same time so I’m quite excited to see the latest announcements regarding Aras and the new coming products or their updates.

The Agenda

First Day ACE2013 Europe

Second Day ACE2013 Europe

What Else than presentation

This is what I tell quite often to hour latest customers. Go talk to other customers. Don’t ask us to select our best customer, go talk to anyone of them, they may have some good experience but also some bad experiences from which you can take the best out of it. They’ve made some mistakes in an implementation? learn from it. Aras was not the convenient tool for some of their business needs, understand why and maybe this will we set a limit to your deployment. I don’t think any partner  has a purchase order in their hand at ACE. It really is a friendly meeting where we talk about real experiences.

I should be easy to access during the event. Feel free to get in touch and say hi! I like having comments on the blog but even prefer face to face feedback.

As usual, I’ll do a daily report and tweet the best information. See you there !



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