AML studio 2.0 is available !

Posted on July 3, 2013

This one of the best productive tool we use in all our development/reporting work with Aras. AML studio has been developed by Eric Domke after he attend the initial training at Aras with Bob Ellis where he realized there was a potential great improvement to work on regarding the Nash interface (the Nash is the out-of-the box AML query interface for Aras Innovator.) Then he started with a first version which was already very nice.

AML studio

AML studio

When we started using it, Anthony Ponceot from Minerva brought a slight improvement in order to save queries. Every time you had to save queries we had to copy & paste each query in an external file, so Anthony wanted to keep this in the application.

Now the version 2 is completely different on the interface side. It gives you pretty much the same “query saving” features through tabs. Here is what the interface looks like.

aml studio 2

aml studio 2

What I think is the best improvement with this new version it’s the fact that it is really replacing the Nash, you don’t need to have a separate application. Nash was good because from any computer you could run the nash interface. AMLStudio 1.2, you had to have it downloaded on your machine in order to run it. Now this AMLStudio v2 can be installed as part of Aras Innovator to be run from any client. It’s been a while since my last video so here I’m back :

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