Should we pull PLM Deployments? a new Lean deployment strategy?

Posted on January 20, 2013

I already wrote about lean strategies related to PLM solution deployment and also the article about not starting a PLM project from Engineering, and I’m apparently not done on that topic based on this new article. Lots of comments were made on me being mad when willing to start PLM out of Engineering and at the same time very experienced people took the arguments, faced these arguments with the existing projects and realize there were some good points which were making sense and could be applied. Last week-end as I was helping a brother to start building a fence, working with others, we made sure we were pulling production to reduce moments where you wait holding some heavy stuffs and it brought me back to the lean topic.

The manufacturing / Engineering interface issues

This is something we always ear and mainly when there is a new cad designer in the company, it is not that easy to design stuff that the company can produce. Being good at designing product that can be manufactured requires experience, knowledge about manuufacturing and industrialization and also about your own factory’s ressources. So the main cause is usually experience, but what if the systems were made to provide more information and more constraint to the designer? Before designing, should he get to know what’s available in manufacturing or if there is a new machine to purchase, should he bring enough information to provide the right data? This is said to be good practices that designer should have. I would say that these are requirements from manufacturing.

Pulling data

The lean concept is highly based on a pull flow. Most of the arguments I’ve had were about the fact that the main data is created in Engineering so we should start deployment in engineering. Well, what if you should provide a system to the first person who enter the system. The one who will pull the flow, the customer? the marketing? assistance & support?

Impact on deployment

PLM editors have been working a lot on integrating requirement management solutions lately and this might be some of the features to implement first. We have started projects from the Change Management. Has there are existing parts, prototypes and products instead of changing a whole existing system to provide a solution for engineering we may want to start by capturing the daily change request and problem reports. And then you would continue the implementation rolling back the product lifecycle.

Have any experience of project which may have run in this way?

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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