Adding items to a purchase order directly from the BOM

Posted on November 1, 2012

This is a topic I already covered in this blog I think but a video from Aras just came online. This is about a process we’ve implemented in Aras for one of our customers. He needed to help the purchase department to make purchase orders from the BOM as maintained. This company delivers military systems which they maintain. So In Aras, whenever they assemble a system, they instantiate it and then maintain it every time there is a change applied. On our first implementation of this process we just created the Purchase order Itemtype with the related purchase order items. But then after they quickly tried, they realized it was not the process they wanted to use. They wanted in fact to start from the instantiated BOM, select the part to be replaced, select the Manufacturer’s part that was validated for replacement and run a automated action to add the item to a purchase order. Such purchase order should be either created if there was no purchase order opened for this specific supplier or added to an existing one that wasn’t already processed.

Aras helped us implement it very quickly. So here are the two videos, the first one is the one which was filmed in the Andover’s offices of Aras Corp and the second one is a video I made to present the implemented process.

The interview

The demonstration

Let us know if you need any information on this implementation. Have you been through the same process to implement?

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