Should we have a FailCon for PLM ?

Posted on September 25, 2012

This Tuesday I attended my first FailCon at Microsoft in Paris. As it says in its presentation “FailCon is a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success”. You won’t see much videos on the web about it as it is a place where companies will share their failure and its obviously not always easy for companies to associate their brand with the word “failure”. You’ll get more information on their website. The concept of talking about failure is interesting. It tells to people, it’s ok to meet failure as long as you learn from your failures and improve then. These conference also aims to create awareness about each failure and help entrepreneurs to not reproduce these.

PLM is definitely a world with a lot of failure

There’s no more secret about it, a lot of projects are out of budget. They are far from initial expectations and they usually cover a lot less than the initial “dream scope”. We know on a technology level it is quite complicated to do a very adaptive system that is flexible with ease to fullfil customers evolutive requirements. And there is a lot also to criticize on a methodology level for integrators.

Have been in PLM conferences? who is talking about failure?

I haven’t been in many PLM conferences out of Aras and the french association PLMLab. But I’ve red a lot of report on others and followed twitter feeds during conferences. So I’m potentially wrong on that statement and If so please correct me but it feels like PLM conferences are like Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes there are some criticism but it’s never to strong on editors or integrators and we don’t see have more investigation on the root cause of the project’s failures. During the last Aras Internation ACE Event, the first day was for tech people and people implementing the solution on customer site and we were able to talk about failures. I would recommand that we have a very specific time slot next year at ACE2012 were we talk about project failures during that period. Let’s be honest, as good as software can be, as long as you have human interactions there are failure. And so far I ‘ve never been a PLM solution installed itself.

What would be the ideal setup?

Out of an editor’s tech meeting, how could be run such conference? I would like editors to explain the failure they’ve made in the past on terms of techonology choices and how they pivoted. Same thing for integrators there should be some presentation about failures and recoveries. And also one from customers explaining why they potentially under estimated the cost and the complexity of a PLM solution implementation. Do you think such conference could exist?

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