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Posted on July 4, 2012

Twitter can be sometimes time consuming but at the same time by following the right persons you get some nice informations. On Monday I found the following tweet:

This discussion between Rober Scoble from RackSpace and Fred Davis from the magazine Wired is about the next era which we will enter in the world of web. This era is about context. We get more and more devices and the recent preview of Google Glasses makes geeks excited and it makes them talk about the world of possible around it. So why discussion that inside a PLM blog? Well, mainly because context is an important topic in PLM. In the discussion, they talk about building an “Open Source standardized context description language” which has a lot in common with what we do when we talk about Open Source and standards.

Context sensitive features is not easy to setup. We see it with Aras. At first sight people easily criticize the system. “Why I am involved in this PR and i can’t access the document attached”, “I should be able to get the use-cases of this document that i’m part of the editing team”… And Aras worked on it by providing the team features which allows much more contextual permissions and right management. In some customers project we’ve had to deal with that by creating custom methods which synchronise teams. So we can do a lot about it but Customers and Users have to understand (and they do understand when they are involved in the specification) that building users access logic based on context is not an easy task. Enjoy this discussion! I hope it will bring some more developers to work on topic that industry could benefit of.

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Yoann Maingon

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