(Eng) Use AML Query to Export data in Excel

Posted on February 16, 2012

This is once again a nice tip we are happy to share to the whole community. It is pretty simple but usefull as soon as you want to extract informations from your Aras Innovator database in order to play with it in an Excel Spreadsheet. We know Microsoft Excel is your favorite playground (at least it is for 100% of our customers and prospects) and we here your request everytime to make it easier to export informations to Microsoft Excel. So just by curiosity, we’ve made some test with a tool we’ve already made presentation about which is the AMLstudio (available for free on its codeplex page). We knew that Microsoft Excel had some advanced features regarding XML data. So we setup the AMLStudio to export the results of its queries to Microsoft Excel and here is the result in the following video.


 Yoann Maingon

Anthony Ponceot

Anthony Ponceot is an Aras Innovator Expert

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