(Eng) Amazon EC2 Aras innovator PLM Hosting slides from ACE2011

Posted on October 7, 2011

ArasOnCloudThis is not a big news if you have followed our activities for more than a year year, but as this one of our important new service since ACE2010 we presented the Aras Innovator hosting service on Amazon EC2 at ACE2011. We recently had discussion with a few SMBs who were interested by the cloud hosting offer. Mainly because we’ve added new capabilities such has VPN services provided by Amazon. Here is a little description of what I presented on stage while ACE2010 in Detroit, Mi. These two slides were first to explain the difference between, SAAS, IAAS and PAAS. (The presentation is mainly inspired by this one from Logica). The second slide is to show the different offers we have regarding cloud hosting on Amazon.



Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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