(Eng) vote for the Aras Collaborate and Contribute Awards 2011

Posted on March 31, 2011

ACE-aras-community-eventThe Aras Community Event 2011 will take place in Dearborn, Mi (Detroit Area) on April 26, 27 and 28th. This will be a great opportunity to meet the growing number of people working with Aras Innovator, gathering the Editor with customers, partners, consultants, etc. Just like last year, I will be attending this event for Prodeos and will present some of our developments and special offers (like cloud hosting). Last year Prodeos was also recognize by the Collaborate and Contribute award. The competition for 2011 Collaborate and Contribute award is open again and need your vote to decide what are the best feature that have been developped this year as major contribution to the Aras Innovator community. Here are the different contesting contribution:

  • Classification tree structure branch import / export – Lear Corporation
  • Concurrent development on multiple simultaneous Bill of Material configurations with effectivity – XEROX
  • Custom search sample code for community solution customizations – Amscan Inc.
  • Electronic signature connector – Datasquare
  • Expanded International time zone functionality for program project management – Freudenberg DS
  • File converter framework – T-Systems
  • File replication performance acceleration for CAD integrations – Xyratex
  • FMEA visual risk management matrix – Processia
  • Google Maps GeoMap integration – Prodeos
  • Hebrew Language Pack – CycleOp
  • InnvoatorETL data load utility – Prodeos
  • iPhone / iPad and Android client frameworks – Porchys Technology
  • Korean language pack – Zionex
  • Large-scale / mass change affected items release improved use case – Spartan Chassis
  • New use case for Team & Role security permissions in Workflows and Lifecycle maps – Technical University of Kaiserslautern / IPEK Institute
  • Outlook-style item preview pane in grid – Lear Corporation
  • Outlook-style Table of Contents navigation – MiTek Corporation
  • Spanish language pack – Ana Turner
  • Structure browser for large configuration viewing – ITT Defense
  • System event usage tracking enhancement for administrators – Lear Corporation
  • Windows authentication in workflow maps – Carestream Health
  • Workflow enablement of cross-generation on Items (simplifies collaboration on Versionable items) – Textron Defense Systems

The number of contesting project is impressiv and quality of projects will makes difficult for us to win again the award but we’re glad anyway to have these new development to provide to our customers.

To get more information on our projects:

Thanks in advance for your contribution by voting for the three best projects in the competition. I will soon write another article about this event to talk about the program and the speakers. And of course i’ll be reporting everyday from Detroit the content of the event.

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Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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(Fr) T-Systems apporte une contribution à Aras Innovator

Posted on March 29, 2011

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(Eng) Tech – Integrate Google Map in Customer form in Aras Innovator

Posted on March 10, 2011


Following the recent article about how easy it was to customize an Aras Innovator form to integrate QRcode, today we publish a guide writen by Anthony Ponceot about the integration of Google Map in Aras Innovator. The aim of this quick guide is to show how easy it is to integrate features into Aras innovator using 3rd parts. In this example, we will integrate a map to the customer form ItemType using Google Maps Javascript API V3 (http://code.google.com/intl/fr-FR/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/). We have chosen Google but of course you can do the same with Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps or any other Map service that provides an API.

The specification of this addon includes the following points

  • Only integrates innovator methods and forms events
  • The map will be updated when loading the form
  • The map will be updated real time when updating the fields related to the address
  • We do not want to store the GPS coordinates in an item property. The address will be geocoded every time the form is updated, avoiding legacy data.

Here is the result :


In order to do implement this functionality, we will create 2 methods, one implementing the functions of geocoding and calling Google Maps API and the other will be calling the function and be linked to controls events.

  • Prodeos_GeoMap :
// Dynamic load of Gmaps API

// There is a callback in this API that will fire 'document.initialize' afer beeing loaded

var script = document.createElement("script");

script.type = "text/javascript";

script.src = "http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false&callback=document.initialize";


document.initialize = function(){

// Initialize Geocoding service

var geocoder;

geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();

// MapDiv is the html element of the form

var mapDiv = document.getElementById('map-canvas');

// Creating the map

map = new google.maps.Map(mapDiv, {

zoom: 15,

mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP


// Fetching form informations in order to build the address

var adresse = document.getElementsByName("address")[0].value;

var city = document.getElementsByName("city")[0].value;

var zip = document.getElementsByName("zip_code")[0].value;

var pays = document.getElementsByName("country")[0].value;

var customer_name =  document.getElementsByName("name")[0].value;

var adresse_complete = adresse + ", " + zip + " " + city + ", " + pays;

// Geocode the address

geocoder.geocode( { 'address': adresse_complete}, function(results, status) {

if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK) {


var marker = new google.maps.Marker({

map: map,

position: results[0].geometry.location,

title: customer_name


} else {





  • Prodeos_LoadGoogleMaps :

Into the Customer form, we need to place a new html component ArasGmap2 And also implement the methods into the events. First, binding the Prodeos_GeoMap with the onLoad event of the form ArasGmap3 And then, binding the Prodeos_LoadGoogleMaps to every field that will update the map when changed (e.g. : address, city, country…) ArasGmap4

Package file to import in Aras

{title} ({hits})

About Anthony Ponceot

Working in CAD/PLM for 6 years…
In my early career, I developed a PDM software in a design desk for a small industrial company handling CAD data, manufacturing shop data, planning and project data. Written with .Net and MySQL database.
Then, I joined a CAD VAR reselling Siemens PLM products and Autodesk products. I add the pleasure to work with some major french companies in industrial or consumer goods industry providing technical support, advanced training, data management implementations or specific software development.
My goal is now to expand my skills in PLM area.
You can join my LinkedIn network right here : http://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonyponceot

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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(Fr) BaseX : SGBD sur base XML

Posted on March 9, 2011

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(Eng) InnovatorETL Project's First Beta Version !

Posted on March 7, 2011

InnovatorETLI recently announced on this blog the start of a project called InnovatorETL (in french on January 25th and in english on January 28th). The aim of this project is to provide tools for migration to Aras Innovator and from diverse source like excel files, Access database, other PLM datastore… So far the project is running pretty well. The version 0.1 specification was delivered right on time as planned. The first beta release is 15 days late because of an issue we add on the SOAP sending module from Talend. Collaboration made possible to fix this issue as Anthony Ponceot provided the solution to replace the SOAP module with a tJava module in Talend to fix the issue.

In order to show you the result of this first Beta Version and how it could help you to migrate some data from your existing system to Aras Innovator in order to test this PLM solution, here is a short video that shows how to use it.

Feel free to join the project on http://innovatoretl.codeplex.com to either participate on Specifications, discussions, test, development… This is fully Open Source.

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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(Fr) Faut-il remplacer l’Email?

Posted on March 4, 2011

FinEmailJ’écris cet article à la suite de nombreuses discussions sur le sujet et aussi suite à la campagne de communication lancée récemment par la société de services informatiques Atos Origin avec notamment les annonces de son PDG Thierry Breton. Il annonçait récemment sur les ondes de BFMBusiness, la fin programmée de l’email en appuyant sur la perte d’efficacité que ce moyen de communication tend à causer compte tenu de la quantité que nous sommes amenés à traiter de nos jours. Les réseaux sociaux et divers nouveaux outils de travail collaboratif servent ces discours en tentant de proposer une alternative durable aux emails.

Des alternatives

Aujourd’hui nombreux sont les outils de travail collaboratif qui proposent de remplacer l’email. Rappelons cependant qu’un des récents échec de Google avait justement pour but de remplacer l’email, je parle bien sûr de Google Wave (revoir la présentation de Google Wave). Pour présenter quelques alternatives, je vous propose deux outils collaboratifs que nous utilisons chez Prodeos:

Cet outil ressemble à la majorité des réseaux sociaux que l’on utilise en dehors du travail. Il nous permet d’échanger et de capitaliser toutes les informations qui peuvent avoir une utilisation à moyen et long terme et que l’on désire pouvoir retrouver rapidement.

Cet outil nous sert pour la collaboration autour de nos développements logiciels. Intégré avec un serveur de gestion de source (SVN). Contenant un wiki, une gestion des anomalies, blog et forum, cet outil est parfait pour développer nos logiciels de manière collaborative sans avoir à utiliser les emails.

Enfin pour accepter le fait qu’il y a une alternative, à travers des discussions le constat a l’air homogène sur le fait que les jeunes utilisent de moins en moins l’email au profit de communication à travers les réseaux sociaux. Est-ce que cela rendra plus facile l’adoption de ces outils dans leur vie professionnelle? L’abandon de l’email?

Divers types d’email

Ce qui me choc lorsque j’écoute le discours de Mr Breton, c’est l’idée de supprimer entièrement l’email. La critique que l’on fait de l’email est sa surexploitation. Est-ce que la critique serait toujours valable si son usage se faisait plus limité. Il est important de différencier les différents types d’emails:
– l’email qui remplace un coup de téléphone de 5 min
– l’email qui fixe un rdv
– l’email qui annonce des résultats ou comporte un contenu à valeur ajoutée à moyen et long-terme.

L’email, un outil quotidien central

Comme présenté dans les paragraphes précédents, dans le cadre des activités de Prodeos, nous utilisons divers outils que l’on a dédié aux différents types d’informations que nous manipulons et ce, selon leurs types et leur pérennité attendue. Cependant, nous reconnaissons souvent nous détacher d’un fonctionnement normal et on avoue encore envoyer des éléments par email qui devrait se retrouver sur les outils alternatifs mis en place. La raison principale est que malgré les raccourcis que l’on peut avoir vers ses outils, ils ne représentent pas des passages obligés tel que peut l’être notre client mail (Ms Outlook). L’email a donc encore un atout qui peut-être intéressant d’exploiter, c’est le fait que l’on commence la plupart de nos journées par ce biais. Alors êtes-vous prêts à arrêter l’usage de l’email? en améliorer sa gestion? ne rien changer?

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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(Fr) Les 5 articles les plus lus sur Prodeos.fr au mois de Février

Posted on March 1, 2011


Voici les 5 articles les plus lus sur ce blog au cours du mois de février qui vient de s’achever (les articles, eux, ne sont pas forcément du mois de février). Le tutoriel sur l’installation de la solution PLM Aras Innovator reste encore dans le TOP 5, cependant la grande affluence du mois de février a été réalisée principalement par l’article sur l’offre d’emploi de Google dans le domaine du PLM :

  1. (Eng) Google offers job position for PLM integration !
  2. Aras Innovator : installer une solution PLM gratuitement
  3. (Eng) InnovatorETL – Open Source Project already running !
  4. Nouveau Projet PLMlab : STEP Inn’
  5. (Fr) L’intérêt de l’unicité Type-Nom-Révision pour une migration

Yoann Maingon

Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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