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Posted on January 28, 2011

NewOpenSourceProjectETLFor the none french readers who took the time to use the Google translation tool to read the article about the new Open Source Project that we launched at Prodeos, here is a quick and fresh update in english about some progress in this project. For everybody who didn’t get the chance to read the presentation article here is a short presentation of this newly created project on CodePlex.

The Innovator ETL is an OpenSource project hosted on CodePlex and launched by Prodeos to provide a set of tools to facilitate the data migration from many systems and software to Aras Innovator PLM Solution. Aras Innovator already has a batch process tool for data migration but it is subscriber’s only. Nevertheless, it is quite easy for a developper to develop a specific program to export structure data. But as not everyone is a developper and some companies may want to have an operationnal trial with some data before investing in more consulting or support, we decided to launch this Open Source project to provide a data-migration tool for Aras Innovator enhanced by every user’s input (could be code, but mainly reviews and issue identification.)

Global Process


Recent Progress

Yesterday I made this tweet to show a great news:


Being able to connect directly to Aras with HTTP/SOAP request was a great condition to accelerate de development. It wasn’t an obligatory element as we could have export xml files which would have been sent to Aras with another software layer developed with Visual Studio for example. But testing would have take much more time. So the good news is that directly from Talend we can communicate with the whole Aras Innovator data-model.

Future Steps

As presented in the home page of the project in the paragraph “Project Roadmap” these are the first few stepstones in the planning:

January 23rd to February 21st : Version 0.1 : Export Data from Excel Files to Aras Innovator Objects

  • January 31st 2011 : First Specification for Version 0.1
  • February 15st 2011 : First Beta Version for Version 0.1
  • February 21st 2011 : First Release Version for Version 0.1

February 23rd to April 15th : Version 0.2 : Export a Class/Object with data from Excel Files to Aras Innovator Objects

  • February 31st 2011 : First Specification for Version 0.2
  • February 15th 2011 : First Beta Version for Version 0.2
  • February 15th 2011 : First Release Version for Version 0.2

Join the Codeplex Project

As mentionned in our french article, feel free to register on codeplex.com and join the project to help by adding requirements to the spec, giving reviews, participating in discussions or for some of you participate in programming. Click here to Join the InnovatorETL Project.


Yoann Maingon


Yoann Maingon

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