(Eng) Tech – Integrate QR-code tag in User form in Aras Innovator

Posted on December 13, 2010

QrCodeArasThis is the first of a series of technical articles I will publish on this blog. You might think it is not useful if you’re not planning to develop on Aras, like for example if you have a management position. But the aim of such article is not only to give technical tips but also to show to non-developpers that customizing Aras Innovator is very simple and takes less time than any other existing PLM Solution. So, for this first articles I really wanted to show a whole development but very fast at the same time. And while i was reading one of my favorite tech blog about Autocad (Through the Interface), and also because I know Google Charts provide QR-code features I decided to show you how easy it is to integrate a QR-code inside a user form in Aras Innovator. Useless??? maybe yes, but once again, the point is to show how fast it is to do such customizing. If you can make it faster with another PLM solution, please make a video and publish it so we can start some kind of contest (just like rendering contest in CAD). So if you’re not a developper just imagine how Aras Innovator could save you time and money during customizing.

Here is the source code of the javascript function:

var user = document.item;

	var FirstName = top.aras.getItemProperty(user, "first_name");
	var LastName = top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"last_name" );
	var tel = top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"telephone");
	var email =  top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"email");
	alert("there is an issue");

var G_QR_address = "http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr";
var G_QR_size = "&chs=150x150";
var G_QR_data = "&chl=MECARD:N:"+FirstName+","+LastName+";TEL:"+tel+";EMAIL:"+email+";";
var G_http = G_QR_address + G_QR_size +  G_QR_data;


Here is the link to QR-code documentation in Google Charts:


Here are the different items you can provide with a barcode:


Here is how you can create QR code for contact card (supported by Google charts):


And finally in order to save you some minutes of copy-pasting the code inside your Aras Innovator Instance, here is the export of the QR code integration:

{title} ({hits})


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Yoann Maingon is an Entrepreneur and a PLM enthousiast. He is our main blogger at Minerva as he has been publishing articles about General PLM concepts and Aras Innovator for more than three years.

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