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Posted on July 1, 2010

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  • This looks pretty interesting. BTW What about data security? Do you have to send data over to Google? Can you do that in an encrypted format?

  • Very good comment. And you’re right in this exact case there is a possible issue with data security because we used the easiest way to create the chart, i.e. sending a URI to Google Chart Service.

    Two solutions:

    – First one is to get some libraries from Google. Google shares charts libraries so you can download them and run your Chart without connecting to the web. They also provide different connector to secure and encrypt your data when sent to their services, we still need to list all these opportunities to make sure we know most ways to implement this graphs while being compliant with our customers IT security strategy.

    – The Second solution is just to know what you’re sending and make sure you don’t send information that could be identified. In our example, the only elements that identifies our information are the manufacturer names and the legend. We just did it to include it in the graph. But you could separate the legend and don’t send the manufacturer name (you can replace it by a code for example)

    Also, this is a client-side request, so each person who needs to see this chart, needs to have a web access. We could transfer this process on the server if a customer needs it.

  • Yannick


    What happen if Google decide to ask some money for Google charts Service ?

  • Hello Yannick,

    If you’re using online request for Google Charts and if they become commercial, you’ll then have to pay for their service if you want to keep using it. But I don’t think it’s in any plan of Google. two reasons why:

    – Google Chart is not marked as Beta. Usually they run a service in Beta mode before creating a price list and releasing the service with a commercial activity
    – Google pricing is mainly based on data volumes not on using library content as these are freely available ( ). And Google Charts query are very light, so i don’t think there’s any money to make from this.

    Anyhow, if you’ve been using this library and if, worst case scenario, it becomes commercial, then you already have done 90% of the work which was data formatting to expose to Google Charts, so you’ll just have to find another chart library. I’m sure there are some more available and we will show these kind of alternatives if we find any in the future. Don’t hesitate to ask us to show one of these integration if you find another freely available library.

    Best Regards,

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